Americas This Week: March 27, 2021

March 27, 2021

Your weekly roundup of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week. For a full electoral calendar and interactive map, click here.

The historic Las Peñas neighborhood in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. Photo credit:
WIkimedia/Freddy eduardo (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

Peru General Elections: April 11, 2021

Peru has scheduled general elections for April 11, 2021. These elections are coming on the heels of snap legislative elections that took place on January 26, 2020, and in the context of political turmoil – including the impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra and the subsequent “week of three presidents” – and an economic crisis brought on by COVID-19. More

Chris Thomson, Foreign Brief (March 28, 2021): Three days of presidential debate begins in Peru

The Economist (March 27, 2021): In Peru’s presidential race there is no clear front runner

Argus Media (March 22, 2021): Gas takes center stage in Peru’s presidential race

Ecuador Presidential Runoff: April 11, 2021

Ecuador holds a presidential runoff on April 11, 2021. Left-wing economist Andrés Arauz, a protege of former president Rafael Correa (himself barred from running after being convicted of corruption) will face conservative Guillermo Lasso, who edged out indigenous activist Yaku Pérez for a spot in the runoff. More

Chase Harrison, AS/COA (March 24, 2021): Five things to know about Ecuador’s presidential runoff

Chile Local and Regional Elections: April 11, 2021 and Presidential and Legislative Elections: November 21, 2021

Chile has scheduled local and regional elections for April 11, 2021. Voters will elect governors as well as mayors and local councils throughout the country. After that, presidential and legislative elections are scheduled for November 21, 2021. The upcoming elections in Chile are taking place in the context of a year of protests and riots, including violent looting, arson, and vandalism. Furthermore, an intense debate over a constitutional referendum continues, following a referendum in which Chileans voted to write a new constitution. More

The Rio Times (March 27, 2021): Debate in Chile grows over potential election postponement

MercoPress (March 24, 2021): China-backed railway projects gain momentum in Chile and Argentina

Bolivia Local Election Runoffs: April 11, 2021

Bolivia held regional and municipal elections on March 7, 2021, and some races will have runoffs on April 11. These follow a rerun of the 2019 annulled general elections that took place on October 18, 2020 in which socialist Luis Arce won the presidency. Leftist firebrand Evo Morales has returned to the country to lead his party, although apparently not every member of his party loves him. Opposition candidates won the mayoral elections in 8 out of 10 of Bolivia’s biggest cities. More

AP (March 27, 2021): US questions legality of Bolivian arrests of ex-officials

César Muñoz and José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch (March 23, 2021): Bolivia should end revenge justice

Danny Ramos and Monica Machicao, Reuters (March 23, 2021): In emotional letter from jail, Bolivian ex-president Anez alleges ‘abuse’

Rio Times/El País (March 23, 2021): Coup or fraud: Bolivia, more polarized than ever

Canada, Yukon Territorial Election: April 12, 2021 and Possible Snap Federal Elections

Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories all hold provincial and municipal elections at different times. Yukon holds territorial elections on April 12, following a rather turbulent Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election in March. Moreover, snap federal elections are possible if the opposition manages to oust PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal minority government in a vote of no confidence.

Newfoundland and Labrador Elections

Sarah Smellie (March 27, 2021): Liberals under Andrew Furey win slim majority in Newfoundland and Labrador election

Federal Elections

J.J. McCullough, Washington Post (March 26, 2021): Opinion: What do Canada’s Conservatives need to do to win?

Joan Bryden and Jordan Press, Globe and Mail (March 26, 2021): Liberals urge opposition leaders to speed up bill ensuring safe election during pandemic

Mexico Legislative Elections: June 6, 2021

Mexico plans to hold midterm legislative elections on June 6, 2021. These elections will be a key test for left-wing populist firebrand Andrés Manuel López Obrador (frequently called AMLO) ahead of the 2024 presidential election. More

AP (March 26, 2021): Mexican agency bars candidate accused of rape from running

Julett Pineda, OCCRP (March 23, 2021): Gangs target candidates ahead of Mexican elections

Francesco Manetto, El País (March 23, 2021): Mexico’s president ramps up attacks on all sides ahead of June elections

Haiti Parliamentary Elections: September 19, 2021 and Presidential Election: Due in November 2021 (delays possible)

Haiti plans to hold long-overdue legislative elections on September 19, 2021, and also has a presidential election due later this year. However, the country is currently in a political crisis related to allegations of fraud followed Haiti’s presidential 2015 election. The international community, including the United States government, has called on Haiti’s officials to set a date for elections and end the crisis. More

Dana Malapit, McGill International Review (March 26, 2021): Aba Diktati: Haiti’s unfinished democratic project

Jim Wyss, Bloomberg (March 25, 2021): Why Haiti’s power struggle raises fear of dictatorship

Edith M. Lederer, AP (March 24, 2021): UN criticizes Haiti’s political crisis and urges elections

Caitlin Hu, CNN (March 23, 2021): Haiti elections minister teases new gender rule for parliament, says disputed vote will go on

Argentina Midterm Legislative Elections: October 24, 2021

Argentina is due to hold midterm legislative elections on October 24, 2021. Furthermore, although most of Argentina’s 23 provinces hold elections at the same time as the presidential election, a few are due to hold elections in 2021. These elections are happening in the context of an economic crisis, which the leftist government and COVID-19 have exacerbated. More

Edward Thicknesse, City A.M. (March 25, 2021): Argentina ‘cannot’ pay back $45bn IMF debt

Reuters (March 24, 2021): Argentina leaves Lima Group, says bloc’s Venezuela policies have ‘led to nothing’

Benedict Mander, Financial Times (March 22, 2021): Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s dominance in Argentina becomes apparent

Honduras General Elections: November 2021

Honduras holds presidential and legislative elections in November, following the March 14 primaries. These elections are taking place in the context of polarization and a crisis of legitimacy sparked in part by increasing authoritarianism. The 2017 elections were turbulent, with at least 30 people dying in protests over allegations of fraud, and many believe that there is potential for fraud in the upcoming elections. More

Americas Quarterly (March 23, 2021): Meet the candidates: Honduras

Jacobo García, El País (March 22, 2021): Honduras rocked by hurricane of narco-politics

Colombia Presidential and Legislative Elections: Spring 2022 (due)

Colombia is due to hold presidential and legislative elections in spring 2022. Conservative Ivan Duque, elected president in 2018, is not eligible to run for another term.

Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports (March 26, 2021): Gustavo Petro: from rebel to Colombia’s next president?

Jan Martínez Ahrens and Javier LaFuente, El País (March 24, 2021): Colombian President Iván Duque: ‘We have never played roulette with the economy or with social-spending programs’

Brazil Presidential and Legislative Elections: October 2, 2022

Brazil holds general elections in October 2022. Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing populist firebrand president, is up for re-election. The country remains deeply polarized between right and left. More

Juliano Medeiros, Global Americans (March 26, 2021): Countdown to 2022

Andrew Hilliar, France24 (March 24, 2021 – video): Brazil’s Supreme Court rules judge Moro was biased in Lula corruption trial

Samantha Pearson and Luciana Magalhaes, Wall Street Journal (March 23, 2021): Brazil court ruling paves way for Lula da Silva presidential bid

Past Americas Elections

Curaçao Parliamentary Elections: March 19, 2021

Curaçao held parliamentary elections on March 19, 2021. Curaçao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has full autonomy over internal affairs, while the Dutch government handles foreign and defense policy, although the Netherlands periodically intervenes in Curaçao’s politics. More

Curaçao Chronicle (March 23, 2021): Curaçao parties MFK and PNP are prepared to govern together

Nick Ottens, Atlantic Sentinel (March 20, 2021): Curaçao Election Result Will Set Off Alarm Bells in Netherlands

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