The Year Ahead

We do our best to keep this election calendar as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Click the map pins for more information on elections that are scheduled, planned, or expected over the next year. Map zooms and moves.

Click the   icon to see elections listed by month.

The map pin colors represent the country’s rating in the 2020 Freedom in the World report, a project from the American NGO Freedom House. Red represents Not Free, orange represents Partly Free, and green represents Free. Academics, policy makers, journalists, and others frequently cite Freedom in the World, and it is widely considered to be a rigorous, accurate assessment of civil and political freedom.

To be clear, Freedom House hasn’t reviewed any of 21votes content, and our citation of its ratings should not be taken to imply that Freedom House endorses 21votes in any way.


If this election calendar needs updating, please comment here.


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