Americas This Week: November 21, 2020

November 21, 2020

Your weekly roundup of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week. For a full electoral calendar and interactive map, click here.

Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales recently returned to the country, and will lead his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party into the upcoming regional and municipal elections. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Joel Alvarez (CC BY 3.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

Brazil Local Elections: November 15, 2020 (Runoffs: November 29, 2020)

Brazil will hold municipal elections on November 15, 2020, with a second round on November 29, 2020. For background: the 2018 elections in Brazil swept controversial right-wing populist firebrand Jair Bolsonaro into the presidency. Bolsonaro, sometimes dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics,” ran against a political establishment notorious for corruption. However, his attitudes toward race and gender, and his attacks on the media, have raised concerns among many Brazilians. The country remains deeply polarized between right and left. The local elections are an important test for Bolsonaro, who is up for re-election in 2022. More

Terrence McCoy, Washington Post (November 21, 2020): Bolsonaro ran against corruption. Now, he’ll have to find another slogan.

AFP (November 20, 2020): Brazil’s routed left shows signs of life in local vote

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia, Washington Post (November 18, 2020): What Brazil’s local elections could mean for Bolsonaro’s political future

Marcelo Silva de Sousa, AP (November 16, 2020): Brazil voters ignore Bolsonaro’s city election endorsements

Donald Padgett, Out Magazine (November 17, 2020): 4 Trans Candidates Win Elections, Make History in Brazil

Dorah Feliciano, The Rio Times (November 17, 2020): Ten Brazilian Cities Will Be Led by Indigenous Mayors in 2021

Venezuela Legislative Elections: December 6, 2020

Venezuela plans to hold legislative elections on December 6, 2020, despite members of the opposition and international community calling for a delay in order to ensure credible, fair elections. These elections are taking place in the context of ongoing politicalconstitutional, and humanitarian crises have been going on for years. More

Caitlin McFall, Fox News (November 21, 2020): Organization of American States warns of sham elections in socialist Venezuela

Isayen Herrera, Anatoly Kurmanaev, Tibisay Romero and Sheyla Urdaneta, photographs by Adriana Loureiro Fernandez, New York Times (November 19, 2020 – photo essay): They Championed Venezuela’s Revolution. They Are Now Its Latest Victims.

Haiti Legislative and Local Elections: Overdue and Presidential Election: Due by November 2021 (delays possible)

Haiti is overdue to hold local and parliamentary elections. The elections were initially scheduled for October 27, 2019 but have been postponed indefinitely. In addition, the next presidential election is due by November 2021. Further, the country may hold a constitutional referendum before any of aforementioned elections take place. The country is currently in a political crisis related to allegations of fraud followed Haiti’s presidential 2015 election. More

Sandra Lemaire and Matiado Vilme, Voice of America (November 19, 2020): Haitian Protesters Clash with Police During Call for President to Resign

Bolivia Local Elections: March 7, 2021

Bolivia is due to hold regional and municipal elections on March 7, 2021. These follow a rerun of the 2019 annulled general elections that took place on October 18, 2020 in which socialist Luis Arce won the presidency. More

Yucatan Times (November 20, 2020): Evo Morales retakes leadership of the MAS and the coca growers union in Bolivia

Millie Murray, The McGill International Review (November 14, 2020): Bolivia 2020: Legacy and Leftism in Luis Arce’s Victory

El Salvador Legislative Elections: February 28, 2021

El Salvador is due to hold legislative elections and local on February 28, 2021. The upcoming elections are taking place in the context of increased authoritarianism under President Nayib Bukele, a populist elected in 2019. More

AP (November 18, 2020): El Salvador taps new DC lobbyist in pivot to Biden

Alexander A. Kravetz, Washington Post (November 19, 2020 – letter to the editor): El Salvador needs to be ‘honestly confronted’ about its backsliding on democracy

Peru General Elections: April 11, 2021

Peru has scheduled general elections for April 11, 2021. These elections are coming on the heels of snap legislative elections that took place on January 26, 2020, and in the context of political turmoil – including the impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra and the subsequent “week of three presidents” – and an economic crisis brought on by COVID-19. More

Nancy San Martín, Foreign Policy (November 20, 2020): Peruvian Presidents Are Becoming an Endangered Species

Ryan C. Berg, American Enterprise Institute (November 17, 2020): Peru just had 3 presidents in a single week. What’s going on?

Marco Aquino and Marcelo Rochabrun, Reuters (November 20, 2020): Exclusive: Peru’s Sagasti says he will not push for referendum on constitution

Reuters (November 19, 2020): Peru’s youth helped take down a president. Now they want changes to the constitution.

AP (November 17, 2020): In Peru, a hope that a new president, centrist Francisco Sagasti, can calm country in crisis

Patricio Navia, Americas Quarterly (November 16, 2020): Peru’s Problem Is Bigger Than Not Having a President

Chile Local and Regional Elections: April 11, 2021 and Presidential and Legislative Elections: November 21, 2021

Chile has scheduled local and regional elections for April 11, 2021. Voters will elect governors as well as mayors and local councils throughout the country. After that, presidential and legislative elections are scheduled for November 21, 2021. The upcoming elections in Chile are taking place in the context of a year of protests and riots, including violent looting, arson, and vandalism. Furthermore, an intense debate over a constitutional referendum continues, following a referendum in which Chileans voted to write a new constitution. More

Samuel Arnold-Parra, Global Risk Insights (November 20, 2020): Chile Chooses Change: What October’s Vote Means for the Country

Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, World Politics Review (November 16, 2020): Chile Prepares to Write a New Constitution—and a New Social Contract

Canada Provincial and Municipal Elections: Various Times

Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories all hold provincial and municipal elections at different times. Several held elections this year, and several are due to hold elections in the next year. More

CBC (November 19, 2020): Canada’s pandemic elections haven’t seen the same polling problems the U.S. just experienced

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