Eurasia This Week: January 12, 2023

January 12, 2023

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Eurasia, usually posted on Thursdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

A scene from Kazakstan’s January 2022 protests. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Esetok (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Upcoming Eurasia Elections

Kazakhstan Senate Elections: January 14, 2023, followed by Snap Legislative Elections: Mid-2023 (proposed)

Assel Satubaldina, Astana Times (Janaury 12, 2023): What You Need to Know About Senate Election in Kazakhstan This Week

Meduza (January 12, 2023): Nursultan Nazarbayev stripped of honorary senator, leader of nation titles

RFE/RL (January 11, 2023): Kazakhstan’s Constitutional Court Nixes Law On First President-Leader Of Nation

Asemgul Mukhitqyzy, RFE/RL (January 11, 2023): Kazakh ‘Yurt Of Invincibility’ In Ukraine’s Bucha Sparks Moscow-Astana Tensions

Yelnur Alimova, RFE/RL (January 10, 2023): ‘The Fire Could Be Ignited At Any Point’: Kazakhstan’s ‘Bloody January’ Through The Eyes Of Those Who Covered It

Alexandra Ivanova, DW (January 8, 2023): Kazakhstan marks a year since deadly fuel protests

Kathryn Armstrong, BBC (January 6, 2023): McDonald’s leaves Kazakhstan over supply shortages

Dmitriy Mazorenko and Paolo Sorbello, openDemocracy (January 5, 2023): Too little has changed in Kazakhstan in the year since ‘Bloody January’ – A ‘New Kazakhstan’ was promised after last January’s deadly protests. It looks a lot like the old oligarchic order

Lucian Kim, Foreign Policy (January 5, 2023): The Other Jan. 6: One year on, events in Kazakhstan that cemented its president’s grip on power remain shrouded in mystery.

Russia, Gubernatorial and Local Elections in Some Regions (including Moscow mayor): September 10, 2023, followed by presidential election due in September 2024

Mark Trevelyan, Reuters (January 11, 2023): Navalny’s wife and allies sound growing alarm over his health in jail

Elena Giordano, Politico (January 11, 2023): Hundreds of Russian doctors sign open letter asking Putin to ‘stop abusing’ Navalny

AP (January 10, 2023): Russia launches criminal investigations of prominent Kremlin critics

Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Endowment (January 9, 2023): Russia Faces Three Pivotal Moments in 2023

Moscow Times (January 13, 2023): Kremlin Readies for Putin’s 2024 Re-Election Under Shadow of War – Kommersant

Moscow Times (January 9, 2023): Russia’s Ruling Party Uses AI to Purge Anti-War Voters – Reports

Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters (January 5, 2023): Putin ally Prigozhin grants freedom to first Russian convicts who fought in Ukraine

Ukraine Parliamentary Elections: By October 29, 2023 and Presidential Election: Spring 2024 (due)

RFE/RL (January 11, 2023): Zelenskiy Strips Citizenship Of Four Ukrainian Lawmakers, Including Putin Friend Medvedchuk

Liz Sly, Washington Post (January 8, 2023): Ukraine sees ‘year of victory’ but Russia has other plans

Georgia Parliamentary Elections: October 2024 (due)

Mikheil Saakashvili, Wall Street Journal (January 8, 2023): The West Can Stand Up for Democracy—and Save My Life: Putin hasn’t forgotten how my fellow Georgians and I fought back against Russia’s invasion in 2008.

Euronews (January 5, 2023): Protesters demand release of Georgia’s ex-president Saakashvili on health grounds

JAMnews (January 5, 2023): Michael McFaul: “Now is the time for a worldwide campaign for the release of Saakashvili”

Belarus Presidential Election: August 2025 (due)

Reuters (January 13, 2023): Russia says Belarus may enter Ukraine conflict if ‘invaded’

Omer Tugrul Cam, Anadolu Agency (January 12, 2023): EU to impose new sanctions on Belarus, Iran for ‘helping’ Russia in war on Ukraine: Spokesman

Igor Ilyash, openDemocracy (January 11, 2023): Lukashenka is repopulating Belarus with pro-government citizens: While moving to strip dissidents of citizenship, Belarus’s president is offering passports to a very different group

AFP (January 9, 2023): Independent News Outlet Staff Go on Trial in Belarus

UN News (January 6, 2023): Belarus: Trial of Nobel laureate Ales Bialiatski ‘politically motivated’

Armenia Presidential Election: Due in 2025 and Parliamentary Elections: Due in 2026

Joshua Kucea, Eurasianet (January 13, 2023): Amid blockade, spotlight falls on Karabakh’s new, enigmatic leader: Is Ruben Vardanyan the savior of a nation, a Russian agent, or a billionaire with delusions of grandeur who is now in over his head?

International Foundation for Better Governance/EU Reporter (January 11, 2023): Is Moscow scheming for Ruben Vardanyan to be president of Armenia?

RFE/RL (January 10, 2023): U.S. Repeats Call For Reopening Lachin Corridor To Armenia, Blockaded By Azerbaijan

Past Eurasia Elections

Uzbekistan Presidential Election: October 24, 2021

RFE/RL (January 12, 2023): Uzbek Prosecutors Seek Lengthy Prison Terms For Karakalpak Activists

Regional Analysis

OC Media (January 13, 2023): What can the Caucasus expect in 2023? Our readers and staff give their takes

Eurasia Elections Coming Up in 2023

Kazakhstan Senate Elections: January 14, 2023

Turkmenistan Parliamentary and Local Elections: March 2023 (due)

Kazakhstan Snap Parliamentary Elections: March 19, 2023

Russia, Gubernatorial and Local Elections in Some Regions (including Moscow mayor): September 10, 2023

Armenia, Local Elections in Yerevan: September 2023 (due)

Ukraine Parliamentary Elections: October 29, 2023 (due)

Moldova Local Elections: October 2023 (due)

Belarus Local Elections: Due in 2023 (delays possible)

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