November 19, 2022

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

The National Palace of Mexico, official residence of Mexico’s president. Photo credit: Wikimedia/JOMA-MAC (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

Dominica Snap Elections: December 6, 2022

Jamaica Gleaner (November 19, 2022): Dominica PM nominated unopposed ahead of snap election

Guyana Local Elections: March 13, 2023

Monte Reel, Bloomberg (November 18, 2022): A Nation in the Crosshairs of Climate Change Is Ready to Get Rich on Oil: As rising seas imperil Guyana, leaders sign sweetheart deals with Exxon to help fund the transition to a sustainable future.

Denis Chabrol, Demerara Waves (November 13, 2022): AFC confirms boycott of Local Government Elections

Argentina Presidential and Legislative Elections: October or November 2023 (due)

Inés de Marcos, GIS Reports (November 17, 2022): Argentina’s shaky plans to tame high inflation

Benjamin Gedan, Americas Quarterly (November 16, 2022 – podcast): Argentina: Trying to Avoid Another 2001

El Salvador General Elections: February 4, 2024

Aright Sarkar, Coin Telegraph (November 14, 2022): Salvadoran President Bukele says Bitcoin is ‘the opposite‘ of FTX: Despite the backlash he previously received for purchasing BTC as markets crashed, Bukele cited the recent FTX collapse to explain why Bitcoin is different.

Mexico General Elections: July 2024 (some gubernatorial elections in 2023)

Marina E. Franco, Axios (November 15, 2022): Mexico’s López Obrador undeterred by protests against elections reform

AP (November 13, 2022): Tens of thousands march against Mexico president’s proposed overhaul of electoral authority

Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald (November 12, 2022): Lopez Obrador is threatening Mexico’s democracy. It’s time for Biden to break his silence

Haiti Presidential and Legislative Elections: Delayed from November 7, 2021, no new date set

Al Jazeera (November 14, 2022): Haiti’s PM sacks top officials as political tensions rise: Ariel Henry dismisses government ministers, commissioner as Canada imposes new sanctions against Haitian gang leader.

Past Americas Elections

Brazil General Elections (Presidential, Legislative, State, and Local): October 2, 2022

Michael Stott, Financial Times (November 17, 2022): Brazil’s Lula joins leftist leaders pushing for change in Latin America

Andrew Freedman, Axios (November 16, 2022): Lula declares “Brazil is back” on climate action

Pavel Tarasenko, Carnegie Endowment (November 14, 2022): Will Brazil’s New President Back Russia’s Dream of Multipolarity?

Canada Federal Elections: September 20, 2021

Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun (November 17, 2022): Trudeau needs to tell Canadians the truth about China’s meddling in Canada

JJ McCullough, Washington Post (November 16, 2022): Canada’s constitution is a masterpiece of ambiguity. That’s not a good thing.

John Paul Tasker, CBC News (November 14, 2022): MPs agree to probe allegations of Chinese interference in federal elections: Chinese communist regime accused of funding a ‘clandestine network’ of candidates, staffers in 2019 election

Peru General Elections: April 11, 2021

Reuters (November 17, 2022): Peru’s PM doubles down on challenging Congress to a confidence vote

Bolivia General Election Re-Run: October 18, 2020

Amy Booth, Al Jazeera (November 18, 2022): Census delay sparks deadly strikes in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz region: Bolivia’s census, postponed until 2024, is expected to shift legislative seats toward the growing Santa Cruz department.

Regional News and Analysis

Nick Burns, Americas Quarterly (November 15, 2022): Latin America’s “CPAC Right” Still Has Big Ambitions

Daniel F. Runde, The Hill (November 14, 2022): Chilean candidate best positioned to lead the Inter-American Development Bank

Reuters (November 12, 2022): Five candidates nominated ahead of Nov. 20 election to replace ousted IDB president

Americas Elections Coming Up in 2022 and 2023

Dominica Snap Elections: December 6, 2022

United States, Georgia Senate Runoff: December 6, 2022

Paraguay Presidential Primaries: December 18, 2022

Ecuador Regional and Local Elections: February 5, 2023

Jamaica Local Elections: By February 2023

British Virgin Islands Assembly Election: February 2023 (due)

Guyana Local Elections: March 14, 2023

Grenada General Elections: By March 2023 (due)

Antigua and Barbuda General Elections: March 2023 (due)

Paraguay Presidential, Legislative, and Gubernatorial Elections: April 30, 2023

Mexico, Some Gubernatorial Elections: June 4, 2023

Guatemala General Elections: June 25, 2023

Guatemala General Election Runoffs: August 20, 2023

Colombia Regional Elections: October 29, 2023

Argentina Presidential and Legislative Elections: October or November 2023 (due)

Haiti Presidential and Legislative Elections: Delayed from November 7, 2021, no new date set

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