Eurasia This Week: January 5, 2023

January 5, 2023

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Eurasia, usually posted on Thursdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

The Abai Theatre in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Kalpak Travel (CC BY 2.0)

Upcoming Eurasia Elections

Kazakhstan Senate Elections: January 14, 2023, followed by Snap Legislative Elections: Mid-2023 (proposed)

RFE/RL (January 2, 2023): Kazakhstan’s Toqaev Cites ‘Complicated’ Year On Eve Of Unrest Anniversary

Assel Tutumlu, The Diplomat (January 1, 2023): The Unraveling of Kazakhstan’s Social Contract: The time has come to re-evaluate Kazakhstan’s social contract. Is President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev up to the challenge?

Ukraine Parliamentary Elections: By October 29, 2023 and Presidential Election: Spring 2024 (due)

Ivan Krastev, Financial Times (January 5, 2023): World elections will shape the outcome of the war in Ukraine

Georgia Parliamentary Elections: October 2024 (due)

Shota Kincha, OC Media (January 5, 2023): Protesters rally internationally to ‘Save Misha’

Michael McFaul, Washigton Post (January 4, 2023): The world can’t allow the ex-president of Georgia to die in detention

Celestine Bohlen, New York Times (January 1, 2023): In Georgia, a new figure emerges to shake up the status quo

Belarus Presidential Election: August 2025 (due)

Samuel Horti, BBC (January 5, 2023): Ales Bialiatski: Nobel Prize-winning activist stands trial in Belarus

RFE/RL (January 5, 2023): Belarusian Nobel Winner Byalyatski, Associates Face Up To 12 Years In Prison

Regional Analysis

Bruce Pannier, RFE/RL (January 1, 2023 – podcast): 2022: A Raucous Year For Central Asia

Eurasia Elections Coming Up in 2023

Kazakhstan Senate Elections: January 14, 2023

Turkmenistan Parliamentary and Local Elections: March 2023 (due)

Kazakhstan Snap Parliamentary Elections: First half of 2023 (proposed)

Russia, Gubernatorial and Local Elections in Some Regions (including Moscow mayor): September 10, 2023

Armenia, Local Elections in Yerevan: September 2023 (due)

Ukraine Parliamentary Elections: October 29, 2023 (due)

Moldova Local Elections: October 2023 (due)

Belarus Local Elections: Due in 2023 (delays possible)

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