Americas This Week: October 1, 2022

October 1, 2022

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Plaza Mayor in Lima, Peru. Photo credit: Wikimedia/James C. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

Brazil General Elections (Presidential, Legislative, State, and Local): October 2, 2022

Catherine Osborn, Foreign Policy (September 30, 2022): The Battle for Brazil’s Evangelicals: After fueling Bolsonaro’s rise, some are flocking to Lula’s camp with earthly—and heavenly—concerns.

Andrew Downie, The Guardian (September 30, 2022): Brazil’s collective candidacies shake up election: ‘Cast one vote, get five black women’

Sam Forster, Buenos Aires Times (September 29, 2022): What a Lula victory would mean for Argentina – A presidential shake-up in Brazil would have big implications for the country, the region and the Mercosur trade bloc.

Julie Ray, Gallup (September 27, 2022): Economy Looms Large Over Brazil’s Elections

Paulina Villegas and Gabriela Sá Pessoa, Washington Post (September 27, 2022): As Brazil’s election day approaches, fear of violence grows

Ryan Berg and P. Michael McKinley, Americas Quarterly (September 26, 2022): A Strategic Moment for the U.S.-Brazil Relationship

Bryan Harris and Michael Pooler, Financial Times (September 25, 2022): Brazil’s election and the search for an economic revival

Peru Local and Regional Elections: October 2, 2022

IFES (October 1, 2022): Elections in Peru: 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections

Andina (September 29, 2022): Peru: Get to know the candidates for Lima Mayor

BN Americas (September 26, 2022): Former interior minister leads Lima mayoral race

Paraguay Presidential Primaries: December 18, 2022, followed by General Elections (presidential, legislative, gubernatorial): April 30, 2022

Reuters (September 29, 2022): Fire at Paraguay election agency kills one; casts doubt on votes

El Salvador Presidential Election: February 2024 (due)

Ailsa Chang, Enrique Rivera, and Ashley Brown, NPR (September 26, 2022): El Salvador’s president has taken over the government and installed martial law

Uruguay General Elections: October 27, 2024

Evan Ellis, Global Americans (September 29, 2022): Uruguay-China Relations and their Free Trade Agreement

Past Americas Elections

Nicaragua General Elections: November 7, 2021

David Agree, Crux (September 29, 2022): Nicaragua president calls church a dictatorship, bishops ‘murderers’

Americas Elections Coming Up in 2022 and 2023

Brazil General Elections (Presidential, Legislative, State, and Local): October 2, 2022

Peru Local and Regional Elections: October 2, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Ontario: October 24, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Manitoba: October 26, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Prince Edward Island: November 7, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Saskatchewan: November 9, 2022 (Rural Municipalities – even number divisions)

Canada: Local Elections in Northwest Territories: December 12, 2022

Guyana Local Elections: Overdue (date not set yet – preparations being made)

Paraguay Presidential Primaries: December 18, 2022

Ecuador Regional Elections: February 5, 2023

Jamaica Local Elections: By February 2023

Grenada General Elections: By March 2023 (due)

Paraguay Presidential, Legislative, and Gubernatorial Elections: April 30, 2023

Guatemala General Elections: June 2023 (expected)

Guatemala General Election Runoffs: August 2023 (expected)

Argentina Presidential and Legislative Elections: October or November 2023 (due)

Antigua and Barbuda General Elections: By 2023

Haiti Presidential and Legislative Elections: Delayed from November 7, 2021, no new date set

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