Americas This Week: September 24, 2022

September 24, 2022

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Bairro Adrianópolis in Manaus, Brazil. Photo credit: Wikimedia/TV Em Tempo Online – Youtube (CC BY 3.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

Brazil General Elections (Presidential, Legislative, State, and Local): October 2, 2022

Igor Patrick, The Diplomat (September 24, 2022): Brazil’s China-Heavy Election: China is now a topic of electoral debate in Brazil from all sides of the ideological spectrum.

Lisandra Paraguassu and Gabriel Stargardter, Reuters (September 23, 2022): U.S. tells Lula it plans to quickly recognize Brazil election winner, sources say

Foreign Policy (September 22, 2022): Why Beijing Wants Bolsonaro to Win

Lisandra Paraguassu, Reuters (September 20, 2022): Brazil’s Lula to meet with top U.S. diplomat as election nears

Chase Harrison, AS/COA (September 21, 2022): Explainer: Brazil’s 2022 General Election

Diana Roy, Council on Foreign Relations (September 19, 2022): Brazil’s Global Ambitions: Brazil has long sought a greater role on the world stage, butpolitical upheaval and other enduring challenges have complicated its efforts.

Crux (September 17, 2022): Clergy take sides in Brazil’s presidential election

Sam Meredith, CNBC (September 14, 2022): Brazil’s polarized election campaign sees ex-leader Lula on the cusp of a remarkable comeback

Peru Local and Regional Elections: October 2, 2022

BN Americas (September 15, 2022): Peru’s 2022 local elections: Mining regions in the spotlight

El Salvador Presidential Election: February 2024 (due)

Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald (September 22, 2022): Salvadoran leader’s illegal bid for reelection a sign of region’s spreading authoritarian virus

Al Jazeera (September 16, 2022): El Salvador’s Bukele says he will seek re-election despite ban: Experts say President Nayib Bukele’s move would violate at least four articles of El Salvador’s constitution.

Mexico General Elections: July 2024 (due)

Whitney Eulich, Christian Science Monitor (September 22, 2022): Trust in elections: Mexico shows how fast it can be lost – and regained

David Agren, Financial Times (September 19, 2022): López Obrador splits Mexico’s opposition with plan to boost military

AFP (September 17, 2022): Election warm-up could open way to Mexico’s first woman president

Stratfor (September 16, 2022): A Fracture in Mexico’s Opposition Coalition Will Boost the Government of Lopez Obrador

Venezuela Presidential Election: Due in 2024

John Polga-Hecimovich, GIS Reports (September 14, 2022): Nicolas Maduro strengthens his hold over Venezuela

Adriana Boersner Herrera, Global Americans (September 13, 2022): What is Nicolás Maduro’s Foreign Policy?

Canada Federal Elections: October 20, 2025 (due – earlier election possible)

Maura Forrest, Politico (September 21, 2022): If not now, when can Canadians expect an election? The current Parliament could last until 2025, but insiders and observers say it likely won’t.

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press (September 20, 2022): Poilievre narrow second to Trudeau as preferred prime minister, poll finds

Antigua and Barbuda Referendum on Becoming a Republic: By 2025 (announced)

Hamdi Alkhshali, Jennifer Deaton and Tara John, CNN (September 11, 2022): Antigua and Barbuda to vote on whether to remove British monarch as head of state, PM says

Haiti Presidential and Legislative Elections: Delayed from November 7, 2021, no new date set

Evan Dyer, CBC News (September 22, 2022): As gang violence consumes Haiti, donor nations — Canada included — seem reluctant to get involved

Caitlin Hu and Etant Dupain, CNN (September 15, 2022): ‘We are not here forever,’ says UN as Haiti searches for path to election

Past Americas Elections

Colombia Presidential Runoff: June 19, 2022

Jam Martínez Ahrens and Juan Esteban Lewin, El País (September 19, 2022): An interview with Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s former president

Global Americans (September 16, 2022): Petro Expects to Become Latin America’s Leader. Expect Bumps Along the Way.

Andrew F. Quinlan, Inside Sources (September 14, 2022): Will Colombia Turn Back Before It’s Too Late?

Costa Rica Presidential Runoff: April 3, 2022

Reuters (September 21, 2022): Costa Rican lawmakers investigate president’s campaign financing

Nicaragua General Elections: November 7, 2021

Lisa Schlein, Voice of America (September 15, 2022): UN Report Cites Nicaragua’s Clampdown on Democratic Freedoms

Regional Analysis

Yannik John, Global Americans (September 22, 2022): Pink Tide 2.0? The Same Trap Awaits

Eduardo Porter, Bloomberg (September 20, 2022): Latin America’s Incoming ‘Pink Tide’ Suffers From Rosy Nostalgia

Cam McMillan, Real Clear Defense (September 19, 2022): There’s a Battle Between Autocracy and Democracy in America’s Backyard and Democracy Is Losing

Americas Elections Coming Up in 2022 and 2023

Brazil General Elections (Presidential, Legislative, State, and Local): October 2, 2022

Peru Local and Regional Elections: October 2, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Ontario: October 24, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Manitoba: October 26, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Prince Edward Island: November 7, 2022

Canada: Local Elections in Saskatchewan: November 9, 2022 (Rural Municipalities – even number divisions)

Canada: Local Elections in Northwest Territories: December 12, 2022

Guyana Local Elections: Overdue (date not set yet – preparations being made)

Ecuador Regional Elections: February 5, 2023

Jamaica Local Elections: By February 2023

Grenada General Elections: By March 2023 (due)

Paraguay Presidential and Legislative Elections: April 2023

Guatemala General Elections: June 2023 (expected)

Guatemala General Election Runoffs: August 2023 (expected)

Argentina Presidential and Legislative Elections: October or November 2023 (due)

Antigua and Barbuda General Elections: By 2023

Haiti Presidential and Legislative Elections: Delayed from November 7, 2021, no new date set

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