A Busy Weekend for Democracy

October 19, 2019

This weekend, we’re going all around the world for elections! Follow us on Twitter for news updates, analysis, and curated tweets from reporters, observers, and citizens in-country.

Here’s what we’re especially watching:

Bolivia presidential and senate (October 20): Left-wing populist Evo Morales is seeking a controversial fourth term, but leading opposition candidate Carlos Mesa has been gaining ground, and the election – which has become competitive – could go to a second round, and possibly topple Morales.

Switzerland parliamentary (October 20): Green party set to make historic gains.

Moldova local (October 20): Moldova sits at a geopolitical crossroads between Russia and Europe, and is on the cusp of key democratic reforms. These elections will be an important test for the new anti-oligarch coalition government that formed following parliamentary elections earlier this year.

Canada parliamentary (October 21): The moment of truth for Justin Trudeau, darling of the global center-left. Pre-election polling says it’s anyone’s game, but will likely result in a minority government – either of Trudeau’s Liberals or Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

India Maharashtra and Haryana states (October 21): Maharashtra, home of Mumbai, and Haryana (collectively home to 137 million people) elect state assemblies in the first political test following Narendra Modi and his BJP’s landslide in national elections earlier this year. The country has become even more polarized, and the main opposition Congress Party is trying to find its footing.

PLUS various local elections in Australia, and a regional election in Finland’s Swedish-speaking semi-autonomous Aland archipelago.

And that’s not even the whole of it – Gibraltar re-elected its government on Thursday in pre-Brexit snap polls. Both Mozambique and Afghanistan are in the process of tense vote counts. Israel and Tunisia are forming governments following fractious election results. Portugal is due to announce its new government soon following elections earlier this month – a minority Socialist government (jettisoning the far-left parties that were in the coalition before the elections). And Botswana has an unexpectedly-competitive election coming up on October 23.

Anti-oligarch protests in Chisinau, Moldova in 2015. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Bertramz (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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