June 2023 Election Outlook

June 4

Guinea-Bissau Legislative Elections

Mexico, Some Gubernatorial Elections

June 6

Kuwait Snap Parliamentary Elections

June 11

Montenegro Snap Parliamentary Elections

Luxembourg Local Elections

Argentina, Provincial Elections in San Luis, Corrientes, and Tucumán

June 12

Guyana Local Elections

June 18

Switzerland, Referendums

Mali Constitutional Referendum

Argentina, Provincial Elections in Córdoba

June 24

Sierra Leone Presidential and Legislative Elections

June 25

Guatemala General Elections

Greece Parliamentary Elections Take 2

Argentina, Provincial Elections in Córdoba and Formosa

June 26

Canada, Special Election for Toronto Mayor

Ballots from Greece’s May 2023 elections. The country heads to the polls again this month. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Focal Point (CC  BY-SA 4.0)

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