September 2022 Election Outlook

Chile Constitutional Referendum: September 4, 2022 Sweden Parliamentary and Local Elections: September 11, 2022 Japan, Gubernatorial Election in Okinawa: September 11, 2022 Russia Regional Elections (some regions): September 11, 2022 Czech Republic Local and Partial Senate Election: September… Read More

June 2022 Election Outlook

June 2022 election outlook

South Korea Local Elections: June 1, 2022 Canada, Ontario Provincial Elections: June 2, 2022 Mexico State and Local Elections in Some States: June 5, 2022 Cambodia Local Elections: June 5, 2022 Kazakhstan Constitutional Referendum: June 5, 2022 France… Read More

May 2022 Election Outlook

United Kingdom Local Elections, including Northern Ireland Assembly: May 5, 2022 Hong Kong Chief Executive Election: May 8, 2022 (indirect) Germany, Schleswig-Holstein State Elections: May 8, 2022 Philippines Presidential, Legislative, and Local Elections: May 9, 2022 Nepal Local… Read More

April 2022 Election Outlook

April 2022 Election Outlook

Costa Rica Presidential Runoff: April 3, 2022 Costa Rica held general elections on February 6, 2022 and will hold a presidential runoff on April 3, 2022. In total, there were 25 presidential candidates from various parties, and turnout… Read More

January 2022 Election Outlook

January 2022 election outlook

A ballot being cast in Finland’s 2018 presidential election. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Santeri Viinamäki (CC BY-SA 4.0) Bangladesh Partial Local Elections: January 5, 2022 Some of Bangladesh’s towns hold local elections in the coming months. Bangladesh last held general… Read More

Africa This Week: November 29, 2021

Africa this week November 29 2021

November 29, 2021 A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Africa, usually posted on Mondays and occasionally updated throughout the week. For a full electoral calendar and interactive map, click here. The Gambia River. Photo credit:… Read More

November 2021 Election Outlook

United States, Gubernatorial Elections in Virginia and New Jersey, plus various local elections throughout the country: November 2, 2021 Freedom House Rating: Free Government Type: Federal Constitutional Republic Population: 335 million At stake: Governorships and state legislatures in… Read More