January 2024 Election Outlook

This month kicks off what The Economist calls the biggest election year in history. Taiwan’s election will have the biggest geopolitical impact of all the elections due this month. Polls are close and Taiwanese voters are divided over… Read More

November 2023 Election Outlook

Moldova Local Elections: November 5, 2023 United States, Gubernatorial Elections in Kentucky and Mississippi, plus State Legislature Elections Virginia, Mississippi, and New Jersey, plus various local elections India, State Elections in Mizoram and Chhattisgarh: November 7, 2023 (elections… Read More

August 2023 Election Outlook

August 12, 2023 Malaysia, State Elections in 6 out of 13 States August 13, 2023 Argentina Presidential Primaries and Provincial Elections in Santa Cruz August 14, 2023 Trinidad and Tobago Local Elections August 20, 2023 Ecuador Snap Presidential… Read More

July 2023 Election Outlook

July 2, 2023 Argentina, Provincial and Gubernatorial Elections in San Juan July 4, 2023 Micronesia Constitutional Referendum July 9, 2023 Uzbekistan Presidential Election July 23, 2023 Spain, Parliamentary and Gubernatorial Elections Cambodia Parliamentary Elections July 30, 2023 Central… Read More

June 2023 Election Outlook

June 2023 Election Outlook

June 4 Guinea-Bissau Legislative Elections Mexico, Some Gubernatorial Elections June 6 Kuwait Snap Parliamentary Elections June 11 Montenegro Snap Parliamentary Elections Luxembourg Local Elections Argentina, Provincial Elections in San Luis, Corrientes, and Tucumán June 12 Guyana Local Elections… Read More

March 2023 Election Outlook

March 5 Estonia General Elections Lithuania Local Elections Liechtenstein Local Elections Austria, Carinthia State Elections March 7 Micronesia Parliamentary Elections March 9 Nepal Indirect Presidential Election (by parliament – largely ceremonial role) March 11 Nigeria, Gubernatorial Elections in… Read More

February 2023 Election Outlook

February 2023 Election Outlook

If you’re just going to watch one election this month, make it Nigeria. The results will have consequences throughout Africa and worldwide. Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari can’t run for another term due to term limits. Of the 18… Read More

January 2023 Election Review

January 8 Benin Legislative Elections Benin had been a stable democracy until 2016, when President Patrice Talon started the country down a more authoritarian path. The opposition was exuded from the 2019 legislative elections. However, they were able… Read More

November 2022 Election Outlook

November 1, 2022 Israel Snap Parliamentary Election November 8, 2022 United States Midterm Elections November 12, 2022 Bahrain Parliamentary Elections India, State Elections in Himachal Pradesh November 13, 2022 Slovenia Presidential Runoff November 19, 2022 Malaysia General Elections… Read More

September 2022 Election Outlook

Chile Constitutional Referendum: September 4, 2022 Sweden Parliamentary and Local Elections: September 11, 2022 Japan, Gubernatorial Election in Okinawa: September 11, 2022 Russia Regional Elections (some regions): September 11, 2022 Czech Republic Local and Partial Senate Election: September… Read More