Eurasia This Week: January 11, 2024

January 11, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Eurasia, usually posted on Thursdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly election observers at a polling station during Belarus’s 2019 elections. Belarus has decided not to invite OSCE observers for the upcoming parliamentary elections in February. Photo credit:
Flickr/OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Upcoming Eurasia Elections

Belarus Parliamentary Elections: February 25, 2024

David R. Marples, Emerging Europe (January 11, 2024): The creation of a dictator: The path to the Lukashenko presidency in Belarus

AP (January 8, 2024): Belarus Refuses To Invite OSCE Observers To Monitor February Elections

Elsa Court, Kyiv Independent (January 6, 2024): Rock band famous for 2020 protest anthem detained in Belarus

Yuras Karmanau, AP (January 4, 2024): President of Belarus gives himself immunity from prosecution and limits potential challengers

Russia Presidential Election: March 17, 2024

The Guardian (January 10, 2024): Putin won’t lose Russia’s election, but his grip on power could be weakened

AP (January 9, 2024): A Communist candidate gets approval to run in the Russian presidential election

RFE/RL (January 5, 2024): Two Candidates Approved To Run Against Putin In Russian Presidential Election

Ukraine Presidential Election: March 2024 (due – delay likely)

Foreign Policy (January 4, 2024): The Ukraine War May Be Decided at the Ballot Box

Modern Diplomacy (January 4, 2024): Volodymyr Zelenskyy faces a perilous year ahead

Georgia Parliamentary Elections: October 2024 (due)

Givi Silagadze and CRRC, OC Media (January 10, 2024): Can political parties in Georgia survive abandonment by their leaders?

Emil Avdaliani, CEPA (January 5, 2024): The Return of Georgia’s Billionaire Éminence Grise

Luka Pertaia, RFE/RL (January 6, 2024): ‘No Real Relations’: Georgia Pivots Toward China As Taiwan Readies For Crucial Vote

Past Eurasia Elections

Kyrgyzstan Snap Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: 2021 (next elections due in 2027)

RFE/RL (January 5, 2024): Eccentric Kyrgyz Opposition Politician Dies In Pretrial Custody

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