Americas This Week: January 27, 2024

January 27, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Voters in El Salvador in 2015. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Presidencia El Salvador (CC0 1.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

El Salvador Presidential and Legislative Elections: February 4, 2024 and Local Elections: March 3, 2024

Stratfor (January 24, 2024): How El Salvador’s 2024 Presidential Election Could Play Out

Mexico Presidential, Legislative, Gubernatorial, and Local Elections: June 2, 2024

Leonardo Beltrán, Wilson Center (January 22, 2024): The Role of Pemex in the 2024 Elections

James Bosworth, World Politics Review (January 22, 2024): New Corruption Allegations Come at a Bad Time for AMLO

Aida Pelaez-fernandez, Reuters (January 22, 2024): Business leaders flag upcoming election, security as top concerns in Mexico

Carmen Morán Breña, El País (January 20, 2024): Economy and insecurity take center stage as Sheinbaum and Gálvez vie for Mexico’s presidency

Venezuela Presidential Election: Due in 2024 (no date set)

Regina Garcia Cano, AP (January 27, 2024): US condemns ban on Venezuelan opposition leader’s candidacy and puts sanctions relief under review

CNN (January 27, 2024): Venezuela’s opposition accuses Maduro government of ‘repressive escalation’ as court upholds election ban on candidate

Alonso Moleiro, El País (January 26, 2024): Maduro announces military purge and declares Barbados agreements with the opposition ‘mortally wounded’

Fabiola Zerpa and Andreina Itriago Acosta, Bloomberg (January 25, 2024): Venezuela Socialists Officially Name Maduro as Their Candidate

Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Policy (January 25, 2024): The White House’s Big Gamble on Venezuela

Regina Garcia Cano, AP (January 24, 2024): Dueling factions demonstrate in Caracas as Venezuela’s presidential race heats up

Canada General Elections: By October 20, 2025 (earlier elections possible)

Craig McCulloch, Voice of America (January 26, 2024): Canada Starts Inquiry Into Election Interference by China, Others

Vipal Monga, Wall Street Journal (January 24, 2024): India Named in Canadian Inquiry Into Election Interference: Inclusion alongside China and Russia threatens to worsen India’s already rocky relationship with Canada

Past Americas Elections

Argentina General Elections: October 22 and November 19, 2023

CNN (January 24, 2024): Argentine unions hold general strike against new leader Milei’s austerity policies

Colombia Presidential Elections: May-June 2022 (next presidential election due in 2026)

The Economist (January 25, 2024): Colombia’s first avowedly left-wing president is mired in scandal

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