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Middle East This Week – July 16, 2019

Middle East This Week – June 18, 2019

Middle East

Upcoming ElectionsTurkey Local – March 31, 2019Amberin Zaman in Al-Monitor: “Turkish ruling party sets up mobile food stalls to lure votes” Henry J. Barkey, “The Kurdish Awakening,” in Foreign Affairs: “[In] Turkey, although representatives of the left-wing, Kurdish-dominated… Read More

Middle East This Week – February 5, 2019

Upcoming ElectionsTurkey Local – March 31, 2019Both the government and the opposition say that Turkey’s upcoming local elections are the first test of the new presidential system, adopted in July 2018, which moved almost all political power into… Read More

Middle East This Week – January 8, 2019

Upcoming ElectionsTurkey Local – March 31, 2019Campaigning continues in Turkey’s local elections. Kurdistan24 reports that eight Kurdish political parties and movements across the ideological spectrum, from left-wing to center-right, have united to contest polls in 100 cities and… Read More

Middle East This Week – December 18, 2018

Regional News and ViewsEgyptLos Angeles Times reports on Egypt’s continuing crackdown on journalists. LebanonHundreds protested in Beirut on Sunday against Lebanon’s political stalemate in a demonstration organized by the Communist Party.

Middle East – December 11, 2018

Upcoming Elections in the NewsIsraelThe Jerusalem Post reports on more talk about how Israel could be headed for early elections. University of Wisconsin doctoral candidate Chagai M. Weiss analyzes the impact tensions over Gaza could have on the… Read More