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Americas This Week – May 25, 2019

Americas This Week – February 16, 2019

Upcoming ElectionsVenezuela – Ongoing Crisis (snap elections possible)Francisco Toro in the Washington Post: ‘Dozens have been murdered in recent weeks alone for protesting against Maduro. Most of the killings have been committed by a police unit, a death-squad called… Read More

Americas This Week – February 9, 2019

Upcoming ElectionsVenezuela – Ongoing Crisis, snap elections possibleCNN: “The hungry poor who will decide Venezuela’s future” In the last three years, three million Venezuelans – 10 percent of the population – have left the country due to food… Read More

Americas This Week – February 2, 2019

On Deck: El Salvador presidential (February 3); Guyana snap parliamentary (due by March – exact date not set yet); Panama presidential and legislative (May 5); Canada Alberta province general (on or before May 30 – exact date not set yet); Guatemala general (June 16); Bolivia presidential and legislative (October); Haiti parliamentary… Read More

Americas This Week – January 19, 2019

Upcoming ElectionsOn deck: El Salvador presidential (February 3); Guyana snap parliamentary (soon – exact date not set yet); Panama presidential and legislative (May 5); Canada Alberta province general (on or before May 30 – exact date not set… Read More

Election Overview: Argentina

Americas This Week – December 29, 2018

Upcoming ElectionsGuyana Snap Parliamentary – March 2019The Guyana Chronicle, a government newspaper, reports that the government will be challenging the unprecedented no-confidence motion that Parliament passed earlier this month. The success of the motion triggered snap elections set… Read More