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Middle East Elections Weekly News Review: January 16 2024 - 21votes

January 16, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the greater Middle East and North Africa, usually posted on Tuesdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Waiting to vote in Pakistan in 2013. Photo credit: Flickr/DFID – UK Department for International Development (CC BY 2.0)

Upcoming Middle East Elections

Pakistan General Elections: February 8, 2024 (delays possible)

Munir Ahmed, AP (January 16, 2024): Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan indicted on charge of violating marriage law

Mallika Soni, Hindustan Times (January 15, 2024): Pakistan elections: ‘Missing’ Nawaz Sharif, jailed Imran Khan launch campaigns

Asif Shahzad, Reuters (January 13, 2024): Pakistan’s Imran Khan’s party loses cricket bat electoral symbol

Betsy Joles, Bloomberg (January 12, 2024): Nawaz Sharif Gains Ground on Imran Khan Ahead of Pakistan Polls

Adnan Aamir, Nikkei Asia (January 11, 2024): Pakistan in fight over election delay with less than a month to go

Reuters (January 10, 2024): Pakistan election candidate shot dead while campaigning

Iraq, Kurdistan Regional Elections: February 25, 2024 (delayed)

Rudaw (January 10, 2024): Iraqi commission to set new agenda for Kurdish elections: Official

Israel Local Elections: February 27, 2024 (general elections due October 2026 but earlier election possible)

Times of Israel (January 13, 2024): Thousands call for ‘elections now’ during rally at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square

Iran Legislative Elections: March 1, 2024

Jeyhun Ahmadli, Geopolitical Monitor (January 11, 2024): Fair or Fake? Iran Readies for Key Elections in 2024

Turkey Local Elections: March 31, 2023

Bloomberg (January 15, 2025): Turkey Releases Israeli Footballer Detained Over Hamas War Message

Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post (January 15, 2024): For Erdogan, arrest of Israeli soccer player makes good politics before local elections

Adam Samson, Financial Times (January 13, 2024): Turkey tightens internet censorship ahead of elections

Africa This Week: January 15, 2024

Africa Elections Weekly News Review: January 15 2024 - 21votes

January 15, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Africa, usually posted on Mondays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Moroni, capital of Comoros. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Woodlouse – Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Upcoming Africa Elections

Senegal Presidential and Legislative Elections: February 25, 2024

Katarina Hoije, Bloomberg News (January 12, 2024): Senegal Presidential Hopeful Ousmane Sonko Barred from 2024 Vote

The Africa Report (January 11, 2024): Senegal elections: Candidate cull reveals electoral list irregularities

RFI (January 10, 2024): Senegal’s sponsorship phase for presidential candidates nears completion

Chad Presidential Election: By October 2024 (delays possible)

AFP (January 13, 2024): Chad Military Leader Designated As Presidential Candidate

Ghana General Elections: December 7, 2024

Nana Oye Ankrah, Semafor (January 9, 2024): Ghana’s mystery presidential candidate pulls off his mask

South Africa General Elections: Spring 2024

Reuters (January 13, 2024): Ramaphosa targets ‘decisive’ ANC win in South African elections

Mogomotsi Magome, AP (January 13, 2024): South Africa’s ruling party marks its 112th anniversary ahead of a tough election year

Al Jazeera (January 12, 2024): Ex-ANC chiefs Zuma and Magashule team up ahead of South Africa’s elections: The pair lost their jobs over corruption allegations but recently formed separate parties ahead of voting.

Raffi Berg and Anna Holligan, BBC (January 12, 2024): Israel says South Africa distorting the truth in ICJ genocide case

South Sudan General Elections: December 2024 (delays possible)

Agenzia Fides (January 10, 2024): South Sudan: Elections scheduled for December 2024: Archbishop of Juba expresses confidence

Cote d’Ivoire General Elections: October 2025 (due)

Florence Ricard, The Africa Report (January 11, 2024): Côte d’Ivoire: Will Alassane Ouattara run again in 2025?

Gabon General Elections: August 2025 (suggested – post-coup)

Moki Edwin Kindzeka, Voice of America (January 10, 2024): Demonstrations in Gabon as Regional Blocs Bloc Maintain Sanctions Against Junta

Past Africa Elections

Comoros General Elections: January 14, 2024

Abdou Moustoifa, Reuters (January 14, 2024): Comoros holds presidential election, opposition say vote had irregularities

Africa Center for Strategic Studies (January 11, 2024): Comoros Election Exercise Promises More of the Same

AFP (January 11, 2024): Five Things To Know About The Comoros

Somalia, Presidential Election Puntland: January 8, 2024 (indirect – by parliament)

UNSOM (January 9, 2024): International Partners welcome conclusion of Puntland leadership elections

AFP (January 8, 2024): President of Somalia’s Puntland region re-elected

Democratic Republic of the Congo General Elections: December 20-27, 2023

Julian Pecquet, The Africa Report (January 11, 2024): Democrats pull DRC into 2024 US election fight

Africanews (January 10, 2024): DR Congo: Constitutional court confirms Felix Tshisekedi’s victory in presidential poll

Sierra Leone General Elections: June 24, 2023

Daily Maverick (January 10, 2024): Another military coup in Sierra Leone may be inevitable following botched elections, growing discontent

Regional Analysis

Dan Moyane, Sunday Times South Africa (January 14, 2024): ANC and Frelimo face a reckoning with disenchanted young voters

Human Rights Watch (January 11, 2024): Southern Africa: Backsliding on Democracy Jeopardizes Rights

Wall Street Journal (January 9, 2024): How France Fumbled Its Africa Ties and Fueled a Geopolitical Crisis

Americas This Week: January 13, 2024

Americas Elections Weekly News Review: January 13, 2024 - 21votes

January 13, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in the Americas, usually posted on Saturdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

The National Palace of El Salvador, where the first legislature met. The building is now used for ceremonial purposes. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Rolland Alexander Nunfio Reyes (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Upcoming Americas Elections

El Salvador Presidential and Legislative Elections: February 4, 2024 and Local Elections: March 3, 2024

Tim Padgett, WLRN 93.1 (January 11, 2024): We shouldn’t let Ecuador’s real pain inflate Bukele’s false promise

AFP (January 10, 2024): Bitcoin A Dud In El Salvador, First Country To Make It Legal Tender

Yolanda Magaña and Megan Janetsky, AP (January 9, 2024): Votes by El Salvador’s diaspora surge, likely boosting President Bukele in elections

Mexico Presidential, Legislative, Gubernatorial, and Local Elections: June 2, 2024

Reuters (January 12, 2024): Mexican president to put lofty reforms on agenda ahead of election

Earl Anthony Wayne, Wilson Center (January 12, 2024): Why are Mexico’s Elections Important?

Léon Krauze, Washington Post (January 11, 2024): Mexico’s heroic journalists are increasingly under mortal threat

Gustavo Solis, KPBS (January 10, 2024): They’re 12-million strong. Will they flex their muscles in Mexico’s elections?

Venezuela Presidential Election: Due in 2024 (no date set)

AFP (January 7, 2024): Venezuela enters uncertain election year

Past Americas Elections

Netherlands, Sint Maarten General Elections: January 11, 2024

AP (January 12, 2024): Main political party in St. Maarten secures most seats in Dutch Caribbean territory’s elections

Guatemala General Elections: June 25 and August 20, 2023

Ilan Palacios Avineri, Time (January 12, 2024): The History That Makes Guatemala’s Presidential Inauguration a Very Big Deal

Reuters (January 11, 2024): Guatemala arrests former minister accused of failing to quell election protests

AP (January 8, 2024): Guatemala’s president-elect announces his Cabinet ahead of swearing-in

Regional Analysis

Tamara Taraciuk Broner, Americas Quarterly (January 9, 2024): Latin America’s Election Super-Cycle Will Turn on One Key Factor

Asia This Week: January 12, 2024

Asia Elections Weekly News Review: January 12, 2024 - 21votes

January 12, 2024

A weekly review of key news and analysis of elections in Asia and the Indo-Pacific, usually posted on Fridays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen reviews a Taiwanese Marine battalion in 2020. Photo credit: Wikimedia/中華民國 (CC BY 2.0)

Upcoming Asia/Pacific Elections

Taiwan Presidential and Legislative Elections: January 13, 2024

Sophie Mak and Rurika Imahashi, Nikki Asia (January 12, 2024): Taiwan ‘open’ to deeper AUKUS ties amid election meddling fears

Maggie Miller and Joseph Gideon, Politico (January 11, 2024): Taiwan bombarded with cyberattacks ahead of election: Cybersecurity groups link the attacks against Taiwanese critical infrastructure to China.

Paul Huang, Foreign Policy (January 11, 2024): Taiwan’s Elections Aren’t All About China

Mercedes Hutton, Hong Kong Free Press (January 11, 2024): Taiwan KMT election hopefuls say Hong Kong’s One Country, Two Systems ‘a failure,’ warn island on ‘brink of war’

Office of Senator Mitt Romney (January 11, 2024): On Eve of Taiwan Elections, Senate Approves Bipartisan Resolution Commending Taiwan’s Commitment to Democracy

Michael Smith, Australian Financial Review (January 10, 2024): China threatens fresh Taiwan sanctions as pre-election tension mounts

Reuters (January 10, 2024): China satellite launch causes pre-election political storm in Taiwan

Reuters (January 9, 2024): Bridge dilemma exposes China divisions ahead of Taiwan elections

Indonesia General Elections: February 14, 2024

Chris Barrett and Karuni Rompies, Sydney Morning Herald (January 12, 2024): Deepfake dead dictator Suharto back on the campaign trail

Reuters (January 8, 2024): Indonesia presidential frontrunner under fire as rivals attack defence plans

Rebecca Ratcliffe and Randy Mulyanto, The Guardian (January 8, 2024): From military leader to ‘harmless grandpa’: the rebranding of Indonesia’s Prabowo

AFP (January 7, 2024): Indonesia’s Presidential Hopefuls Face Off in Debate

Cambodia Senate Elections (indirect): February 25, 2024

Human Rights Watch (January 11, 2024): Cambodia: New Prime Minister But No Improvements

Sebastian Strangio, The Diplomat (January 8, 2024): Cambodian Government Critic Arrested for Facebook Post

South Korea Legislative Elections: April 10, 2024

Koh Ewe, Time (January 10, 2024): South Korean Opposition Leader, After Being Stabbed in Neck, Urges End to ‘Warlike Politics’

Stratfor (January 10, 2024): South Korea: Opposition Losing Members Ahead of April Election

Lee Minji, Yonhap (January 10, 2024): N. Korea likely to carry out psychological warfare ahead of general elections: official

Julian Ryall, DW (January 8, 2024): What’s behind North Korea’s increasing belligerence?

Nam Hyun-woo, Korea Times (January 8, 2024): NK likely to continue provocations for greater leverage before elections

AP (January 7, 2024): South Korea says North Korea has fired artillery near their sea boundary for a third straight day

India Parliamentary Elections: May 2024

Reuters (January 5, 2024): India forecasts 7.3% economic growth, boosting Modi’s election chances

Mongolia Parliamentary Elections: June 28, 2024

The Diplomat (January 11, 2024): Challenges in Mongolia’s Upcoming Election: June 2024 will see the first elections since constitutional changes reconfigured Mongolia’s legislature and electoral system.

Past Asia/Pacific Elections

Bhutan Parliamentary Election Runoffs: January 9, 2024

Michael Kugelman, Foreign Policy (January 10, 2024): Bhutan’s Elections Are a Bright Spot in South Asia

Upasana Dahal and Jalees Andrabi, AP (January 10, 2024): Bhutan Votes In Former PM In Elections Overshadowed By Economic Strife

Gopal Sharma, Reuters (January 8, 2024): Bhutan votes in final round of national elections, economy main issue

AFP (January 6, 2024): India keeps wary eye on Bhutan election as China seeks to draw kingdom into its orbit

Bangladesh Parliamentary Elections: January 7, 2024

Julhas Alam, AP (January 12, 2024): The US and UK say Bangladesh’s elections extending Hasina’s rule were not credible

Madison Minges and Tazreena Sajjad, American University (January 10, 2024): Understanding Bangladesh’s Election Results

Michael Martin and Diaa Hadid, NPR (January 8, 2024): Bangladesh’s prime minister wins a majority in parliamentary elections

Reuters (January 6, 2024): Bangladesh poll booths burn on election eve, as train arson kills four

Maldives Presidential Election: September 9 and 30, 2023

Joe Cash, Reuters (January 10, 2024): Maldives upgrades ties with China amid pivot from India

Times of India (January 10, 2024): Amid Maldives row, EU report says ruling coalition deployed anti-India sentiments during 2023 presidential polls 

Semafor (January 8, 2024): The Maldives and India are feuding after Modi’s beach trip

AP (January 8, 2024): Maldives suspends 3 officials for disparaging India

Malaysia General Elections: February 19, 2022 (next general elections due in 2027, but a number of state and local elections happen before then)

Munira Mustaffa and Amrita Malhi, The Diplomat (January 10, 2024): How Should Malaysia’s Government Deal With the ‘Green Wave’? The Islamist party PAS is ascendant, but Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s current response to the group risks doing more harm than good.

Eurasia This Week: January 11, 2024

Eurasia elections weekly news review January 11 2024

January 11, 2024

A weekly review of news and analysis of elections in Eurasia, usually posted on Thursdays and occasionally updated throughout the week.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly election observers at a polling station during Belarus’s 2019 elections. Belarus has decided not to invite OSCE observers for the upcoming parliamentary elections in February. Photo credit:
Flickr/OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Upcoming Eurasia Elections

Belarus Parliamentary Elections: February 25, 2024

David R. Marples, Emerging Europe (January 11, 2024): The creation of a dictator: The path to the Lukashenko presidency in Belarus

AP (January 8, 2024): Belarus Refuses To Invite OSCE Observers To Monitor February Elections

Elsa Court, Kyiv Independent (January 6, 2024): Rock band famous for 2020 protest anthem detained in Belarus

Yuras Karmanau, AP (January 4, 2024): President of Belarus gives himself immunity from prosecution and limits potential challengers

Russia Presidential Election: March 17, 2024

The Guardian (January 10, 2024): Putin won’t lose Russia’s election, but his grip on power could be weakened

AP (January 9, 2024): A Communist candidate gets approval to run in the Russian presidential election

RFE/RL (January 5, 2024): Two Candidates Approved To Run Against Putin In Russian Presidential Election

Ukraine Presidential Election: March 2024 (due – delay likely)

Foreign Policy (January 4, 2024): The Ukraine War May Be Decided at the Ballot Box

Modern Diplomacy (January 4, 2024): Volodymyr Zelenskyy faces a perilous year ahead

Georgia Parliamentary Elections: October 2024 (due)

Givi Silagadze and CRRC, OC Media (January 10, 2024): Can political parties in Georgia survive abandonment by their leaders?

Emil Avdaliani, CEPA (January 5, 2024): The Return of Georgia’s Billionaire Éminence Grise

Luka Pertaia, RFE/RL (January 6, 2024): ‘No Real Relations’: Georgia Pivots Toward China As Taiwan Readies For Crucial Vote

Past Eurasia Elections

Kyrgyzstan Snap Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: 2021 (next elections due in 2027)

RFE/RL (January 5, 2024): Eccentric Kyrgyz Opposition Politician Dies In Pretrial Custody